Professional Learning Community

The way we work at HEPS is one of our strongest points of difference. Following the Professional Learning Community approach, our teachers not only look at our students’ point of need through discussion using data and evidence, but also identify the best methodology in ensuring optimal individual learning growth.

Through regular learning discussions, our teams of teachers discuss the learning and articulate the next logical steps moving forward based on the Victorian Curriculum and learning behaviours.

Our next step is to then clearly articulate the learning intentions and the success criteria for all students; ensuring all students achieve a level of success best for them.

Once the learning experience has been organised, our teachers regularly reflect and adjust their practice and learning experiences to ensure that our students’ learning reflects their next steps. This process of working together, is underpinned by our values and vision of

All students are empowered to learn and achieve success; to be curious, engaged, collaborative, empathetic and critical thinkers.